Healing is defined as the concept or rather an art of the flow of energy from one part of the body to the other where it is most needed in order to re-establish a balance in the individual. This is the most basic concept on which the major traditional, complementary and alternative system of medicine has been relying upon since age old time. Traditional complementary and alternative medicine also termed as TCAM encompasses a wide spectrum of healing resources such as health systems, holistic approaches, theories, beliefs and their age old practices since time immemorial. TCAM deals with that branch of medicine that has not yet been readily integrated into the standardized general health care models due to its challenges in scientific findings as perceived by the medical fraternity. The word complementary or alternative medicine evolved gradually over the years when people started to use these type of medicines when they found limitations in the current allopathic system. TCAM’s are based on the common concept of spirituality and controlling the quality and standard of life. According to Dr. Pal, TCAM can be further classified into seven categories: Mind and body medicine which deals with behavioural, psychological, social and spiritual healing; an alternative medical approach which is the next one deals with yoga, puncture, hypnosis and meditation and Qi Gong. The third type is related to the application of ayurvedic principles like panchkarma, health and lifestyle promotion and electrodermal diagnosis and is termed as lifestyle based disease prevention. The different formulations of herbal drugs and medicines used extensively and widely in case of Unani, Ayurveda, tribal medicine, Homeopathy and ayurveda is referred to as biologically based therapies which is the 4th type. Chiropractice, massage, kinesiology, Chinese tuina massage are all related to the fifth concept of manipulative and body based systemic therapies. Biofield and bioelectromagnetic therapies which comprises of the Reiki, external Qi Gong, use of electronic magnetic fields for medical diagnosis forms the sixth and seventh basis of TCAM based medical therapies.
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