Wound healing is complex phenomenon which influence by many factors like Age, nutrition, chronic diseases, blood supply, microbial contamination. The wound which is not healed in conventional line of treatment and older than 3 months, called as chronic wound. Stem cell based treatment has potential of cutaneous regeneration by trophic and paracrine factors. Autologous cell-based treatment has minimal immune rejection but age decline cellular function. Another approach is deliver of cell by scaffold based application to wound which help in engraftment and paracrine activity of stem cells. Here we are discussing recent advances in stem cell based therapies and their limitations as concerned to wound management.

Wound Healing By Stem Cell Based New Treatment Modalities (PDF Download Available). Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/306035023_Wound_Healing_By_Stem_Cell_Based_New_Treatment_Modalities [accessed May 7, 2017].

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