1. A kidney transplant requires major surgery, which can cause further health problems if not done successfully. Also, this process is usually expensive. not applicable for stem cell -safe procedure,no complications
  2. Donated kidneys are not always available. Some patients will need to wait for potential donors. using patient bone marrow stem cells/blood stem cells -easily available, for donor new born baby umbilical cord stem cells -easily available from my stem cell bank,no need of matching
  3. One of the most unfortunate things about kidney transplant is that, the body of the patient who needs a new kidney might reject the new kidney. Thus, one kidney transplant may or may not last for a lifetime.no rejection of stem cells hence long lasting effect
  4. In undergoing kidney transplant, the patient will need to use or take immunosuppressant, which can actually cause some complications. no medicine required.
  5. Kidney transplantation is not recommended for those who have severe obesity, heath disease, mental disorders, and chronic illness. stem cell transplant recommended in above conditions.
  6. Should take anti rejection medicines the rest of patient’s life or the kidney’s life. no medicines required in case of stem cell
  7. Higher risks for infections from anti rejection medicines. no infection.
  8. Frequent labs and tests to be drawn as well as doctor’s visits.

lab tests required to see improvement to stop dialysis .

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